SS 2015

SS 2015

This year I’ve been exploring the use of different fabrics, such as burlap, printed canvas, patterned cotton and suede leather as well as new techniques like embroidery, silk print and batik – creative approaches that always stem from my own designs. The idea is to keep the shapes simple while adding features that make a bag stand out, make it unique be that the combination of materials and fabrics, the quote or the choice of cotton lining.

All bags are hand-made in Greece, the materials are carefully selected – some are seasonal, others can simply come from a spontaneous find here and abroad – the production is handled with great craftsmanship and kept small thus allowing me to create a variety of pieces different in style and fabric.

The Clutches: 27×17 cm – Burlap, thick cotton or leather fabric with an embroidered or printed design combined with an inside leather pocket and a rope-like or leather handle.

The Jojo Bag: this large 60×40 cm beach bag has the “Keep Moving Forward” embroidered onto burlap fabric. The details are all of high quality caviar leather and the choice of lining varies from military to polka dots and stripes.

Pareo: I also designed a line of Pareos (Sarongs) 180×115 cm which were hand-painted in Bali onto high quality rayon fabric, the ideal material for fluidity and vibrant colours using batik, an ancient Indonesian art consisting of decorating cloth using wax and dye.

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