Fashion calls for constant renewal, a creative work of cycles, a connection to seasons, colours, shapes and fabrics and allows endless personal expression and creative freedom. You can reinvent yourself, for example, learn to be daring through it, set your own limits, design and build your own universe, and communicate your personality freely by taking it exactly where you want with no restraints. Fashion is where personal style comes alive through a palette of endless possibilities.

Creativity has always been present in my life. Initially, it was shaped into a graphic design path out of a true love for typography, composition and advertising, which was and still is a very creatively rewarding choice. Yet a need to use my hands and to experiment with different materials and to explore and creatively explode in a different fashion, that is what has been boiling inside me. I began sketching at first, which then became the launch pad for my later designs.

As a graphic designer, I’ve experimented widely with fonts, colours, textures, designs, sketches, techniques, materials etc, and combining different medias naturally progressed into a love for fabric, from leather to suede and from silk print and digital print to embroidery amongst others.

This resulted in the creation of a number of bags, different in style and fabric by always trying something new. Keeping all production hand-made allows me to create one-of-a-kind pieces. I work with a variety of fabrics and styles for the lining of the bags: some are seasonal, others can simply come from a spontaneous find and a combination of different features and details will make the final product unique.

Hope you get to enjoy this small ride through my creative universe and I invite you to contact me for any additional information you may need.


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